Come and experience the city’s best traditional thai massage. Here are some of our services and pricing. Take a look and we are certain you will find something to make you healthier, look good and feel good. For more information contacts us.
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Avail Authentic Thai Massage in Melbourne for Health & Happiness

Thai Massage Foot - Arokaya ThaispaVisit Nina Thai Massage and experience the revitalizing Thai massage in Richmond. Come and reap the benefits of Thai massage, the ancient art prevalent in Thailand for over thousands of years. Thai massage has been effective in alleviating pains and aches, sciatica, poor posture, strains, sports injuries, stiffness and sprains. A rejuvenating session of Thai massage could prove to be an excellent stress buster. We are immensely proud of our professional and highly competent team of massage therapists who are not only certified and fully-trained but also insured as per industry requirements.

We at Nina Thai Massage, offer a comprehensive range of Thai treatments that range from beauty therapies to relatively more therapeutic massages that alleviate pain and boost your well-being. We believe in providing holistic services including massage treatments, spa treatments. Our signature treatment undoubtedly is the conventional Thai massage. It is a brilliant fusion of body rocking, rhythmic acupressure and also deep assisted stretches; effective in loosening and easing joints and balancing the main muscle groups present in our body.

Full Body Massages - Arokaya ThaispaThai people are really graceful and have successfully realized the true worth of complete relaxation and inner peace. We are fully inspired and enamoured by the ancient Eastern ways and rituals. Nina Thai Massage, the best Thai massage service in South Yarra offers a fabulous getaway from the monotonous everyday existence and gives you a golden opportunity to relax, unwind and leave your worries, stress and tension at the threshold. The experienced and highly-skilled therapists concentrate on the well-being and the health of your body, mind and the spirit through an effective combination of authentic Thai massage techniques with cutting-edge facilities. Thai massage sessions in South Yarra would leave your body radiant and glowing, your mind completely revitalized and your soul fully soothed.

We at Nina Thai Massage, the most reputed Thai massage service in Melbourne, offer a broad spectrum of Thai massage & treatments that are based chiefly on ancient techniques for ultimate relaxation, maintaining good health, easing minor ailments and boosting good looks. We offer a host of services including Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Relaxation Oil Massage, Foot Massage, Full Body Massage, Body Scrub Treatment, Thai Facial Massage, Sports massage, Deep Tissue Massage etc. We are way ahead of the competition and we believe in pampering our clients. You would be truly awestruck once you enter our delicately scented interiors for the best Thai massage services in Melbourne city.

Body Scrub Treatment Melbourne- Arokaya ThaispaWhy Us?

  • Well-equipped, plush and comfortable massage therapy rooms would create a serene mood and have a calming effect on you.
  • We boast of a highly-trained, immaculate and fully-qualified staff that would be providing customized service for pampering and relaxing you infinitely.
  • We offer effective stress management using Thai techniques.
  • We promote revitalized, happier, and healthier existence through Thai massage involving stretching and acupressure.

What Is Thai Massage?

Simply put, Thai massage helps in stimulating acupressure points for providing utmost relief to tightened muscles. The Thai massage in Melbourne, technique aims at stretching and loosening the tightened muscles for releasing tension and relieving joints. The qualified and certified yoga therapist would be using a host of stretching techniques that are pretty similar to the common yoga postures. Avail the best Thai massage services in Richmond.

The Chief Thai Massage Benefits

* Releases muscular tension

* Increases joint mobility

* Increases flexibility

* Improves muscle tone

* Assists in correcting postural misalignment

* Combats stress

* Helps in the effective elimination of toxins

We at Nina Thai Massage, leading Thai massage provider in Melbourne, try our best to give you a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience, like never before.