Try Thai Massage Therapy for Ultimate Relaxation

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Thai massage is surely one of the most popular massage therapies and is known for its numerous benefits. Thai massage therapy is all about exerting a gentle pressure along the energy lines and using yoga-type stretching for ultimate relaxation. You experience and enjoy a truly deeper relaxation level which is instrumental in improving your personal outlook and your overall emotional status. It has been proved that deeper relaxation level would be promoting a much deeper and restorative sleep during the night. This sort of fulfilling night sleep would be allowing your body to heal physically and feel rejuvenated and renewed. You could enjoy a super-relaxing Thai massage at any reputed massage clinic based in South Yarra.

Unmatched Stretching

This robust massage therapy is great for limbering up your limbs for enhanced athletic performance and also for easing deep muscle tension. Thai massage therapy is suitable for both stressed out civilians and also the martial artists. You could now achieve an incredible level of relaxation. Once you experience a super-relaxing Thai massage therapy in South Yarra, you would be unwinding completely and there would not be even an iota of stress anymore. Your energy levels would be boosted. With increased energy and certainly healthier muscles, you would be able to carry on maintaining healthy weights.

Enhanced Mental Well-Being

Enjoying a thoroughly relaxing physical experience could be great for soothing your mind. A remarkable improvement in the mood and mental well-being of people going through musculoskeletal pain was noted when treated effectively with a relaxing massage therapy as opposed to when relaxation tapes were used.

Dip in Cortisol Levels

There is a proven boost in serotonin and a dip in cortisol in people who have received a Thai massage therapy. Serotonin is supposed to be the happy hormone while cortisol is known to be the stress hormone. So, a boost in serotonin and a reduction in cortisol obviously lead to a positive state of mind.

Effective for Treating Autistic Children

Autistic children are known to experience relatively higher stress and anxiety levels. A Thai massage brings about a positive change. You could notice an enhancement in the way autistic children usually behave. There is a definite improvement in their attitude. It soothes their senses and has a calming effect to a certain extent. Thai massage proves to be an effective behavioural treatment for these hyperactive kids.

Pain Reliever

A Thai massage therapy proves to be really efficient in managing the pain in patients who are suffering from SCS or Scapula Costal Syndrome. A Thai massage provides far better pain management than the traditional ultrasound therapies. If you are in South Yarra, you can try the Thai massage for ultimate relaxation and complete rejuvenation.

Improved Circulation

A Thai massage session helps to boost blood circulation that helps to reduce the incidence of migraine attacks by using acupressure. Enhanced blood circulation is good for lowering the blood sugar levels and managing type one diabetes. It could effectively prevent type 3 diabetes.

Thai massage is known to boost the brain’s delta wave frequency which is related to rest and deep sleep. So, it helps you experience a good and absolutely rejuvenating sleep.

How to Give an Effective Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep tissue massage is actually a massage technique which effectively impacts the relatively deeper layers of the muscle tissue. The primary objective of deep tissue massage seems to be restoring a completely balanced upright posture, reducing symptoms of pain, breaking down scar tissue and enhancing the range of motion of an individual. Almost similar to any relaxation massage or Swedish massage, this massage involves firmer and slower strokes. Your massage therapist would be using her thumb, deep finger, knuckles, or elbows for extra pressure which concentrates on specific body areas. If you are based in Melbourne, you could experience a wonderful deep tissue massage session in any reputed Thai spa.

Deep tissue massage is able to relieve the tension found deep within your body’s musculature. It is not possible to give a relaxing deep tissue massage unless you are fully acquainted with the human muscle anatomy. You must have a sound understanding of ways to identify areas which would need more attention. Moreover, you must know exactly how you could successfully exert deep pressure without really causing any pain or discomfort.

When you seem to be suffering from a previous injury or going through a chronic muscle tension, there would be adhesions on, in, as well as, around these muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Adhesions could be resulting in pain due to blockage in the circulation of oxygen, blood and waste products. Deep tissue massage is effective in physically breaking down all these adhesions thus, restoring normal mobility and alleviating the pain.

Deep tissue massage involves a number of massage techniques. Usually, any reliable Thai spa based in Melbourne would be having fully-trained professional deep tissue massage therapists who have attended several hours of training and who keep practicing their techniques every day. Here are a few tips from experts about how to give an effective deep tissue massage.

Step 1

You must, first of all, have a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy. You must especially, learn and get acquainted with the anatomy of the affected muscles. It would be helpful to browse the Internet and look for good pictures of the musculature of the human back. Keep these pictures handy while you are doing the massage on someone. Try matching her muscles with the ones you could see in the picture.

Step 2

Start massaging by using any good massage oil to the affected area. Apply the oil using your forearm that has been positioned cross-wise, run it up and down on the side of your client’s back. Abstain from pushing with your forearm. Simply consider leaning in using your body weight. Allow your forearm to smoothly slide down the client’s back just before sliding it up again. Do not exert pressure on the spine.

Step 3

Now using your thumb or finger tips try looking for individual muscles including the boundaries separating them. Exert focused pressure simply by leaning on your thumbs or fingertips as you go. Try to locate the tense areas or knots where the muscle mobility is restricted.

Step 4

Consider applying some pressure on the tense areas or the knots by leaning on your thumbs or fingertips effectively. You must allow them to sink deeply into the muscle. You must be patient while doing this. Use gentle pressure for achieving greater penetration right into the muscular tissue otherwise; you would end up causing pain.

Step 5

Keep checking with your client from time to time, what feels good to her and also make sure that you are not causing any sort of a pain to her. Constant communication goes a long way in delivering a pleasant massage experience.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to a deep tissue massage clinic in Melbourne for a fulfilling experience.

4 Noteworthy Beneficial Effects of Deep Tissue Massage

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A session of deep tissue massage is a relief from bouts of chronic pain. Similar to Swedish massage, it has a specialty – the massage goes deep into the tendons, muscle tissues and fascia. This process refreshes your body making you active and pain-free. Here is an account of how deep tissue massage in Melbourne can help you lead a fit and healthy life.

Gets Rid of Pain

Research has proved that this massage therapy can relieve you of the massive pain you suffer on a regular basis. Much better than normal medicines prescribed by doctors, this therapy can have a lasting positive impact on your body. Going deep inside the tendons and muscle tissues protecting the outer layer of your skin, the therapy can fetch the much-desired comfort you had been looking for. Owing to the fact that the massage increases blood flow in the body; inflammation and the resulting pain decreases in the course of time. If you are suffering from tensed muscles, deep tissue massage can come to your rescue.

Reduces Scar Tissue

The improved blood circulation within lymph causes better movement and flexibility in the affected area. Deep tissue massage sessions are almost like a blessing in such cases. If you have been wondering about the increasing body ache and stiffness in your limbs, a masseuse can tell you that they are the result of scar tissues. With proper massage, you can break these tissues and reduce pain. People, who are recovering from surgery, must opt for deep tissue massage therapy in Melbourne.

In fact, twisted or tight muscles that are results of injuries can also be recovered with the help of this treatment.

Decreases Blood Pressure

Deep tissue massage can help in gifting you a life devoid of high blood pressure. How? Here is the explanation – the massage gets rid of tension and stress in the muscles. In fact, blood pressure patients who have undergone this therapy have noticed that their systolic pressure reduces by at least 10.4 mm Hg while their diastolic pressure drops by 5.33 mm Hg.

It is a well-known fact that happiness and lack of tension reduce high blood pressure. This too can be attained without having any of the conventional medicines that doctors prescribe. Serotonin production, which causes happiness, is the result of deep tissue massage.

So, now you see how the therapy can reduce high blood pressure?

Relieves Stress

Reiterating some of the above-mentioned points, we can say that the treatment can reduce stress and tension, thereby, giving you relief from the resultant effects like, tension headache, stiffness in muscles, pain in the body and more. A survey has proved that once you attend a session with an experienced and seasoned masseuse, you can realize how wonderfully the therapy can help you fight simple physical problems.

Make an appointment with a massage expert in Melbourne for deep tissue massage and tell him/her the problems you are facing. You will soon notice how the massage sessions render you fit and hale.

Explore the Differences between Thai Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

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Massage therapies come in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and methodologies, each having a very specific set of benefits. One type could be wonderful for boosting circulation, while another works wonders for stress relief and yet another for muscle tone. In the end, it comes down to what your issue is and what therapy works best for you. There are two massage techniques being hailed as the most effective these days, Thai massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an incredible, ancient art of therapy that goes back to Buddha’s time, and involves deep massage and stretching to align the energy of the individual into a particular outlet. It is popularly called Thai yoga massage because a number of the stretches resemble yoga stretches and make use of the legs, knees, feet and hands to boost muscle movement, mobilize the joints and improve circulation. Acupressure is yet another technique employed in a number of spas offering Thai massage Melbourne. This technique is energizing as well as extremely relaxing. It makes the most out of a number of techniques to attain flexibility, massage the internal organs, calm the mind and oxygenate the blood, offering many of yoga’s benefits alongside those of classical massage therapy.

The widespread benefits of Thai massage in Melbourne are as follows:

  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Relieves stress in muscles and joints and reduces anxiety
  • Massively improves the body’s circulation, increasing energy and reducing stress
  • Induces massive improvements in terms of the range of motion as well as flexibility
  • The therapy is said to regulate energy flow through the various gates or chakras in the body, so as to centre the body and mind, ensuring that you are one with yourself and everything around you

Deep Tissue Massage

This is another massage type, specifically targeted at the muscle and fascia’s deeper connective tissues. Rather than merging a number of effective therapies into one treatment like Thai massage, deep tissue massage does one job, and does it very well, which is why it is referred to as a very specific, focused treatment. It employs several methods from Swedish massage but is in general more intense in terms of pressure. Rather than being a generally relaxing therapy, deep tissue massage works in a targeted manner against “adhesions” which are knots of muscle tension.

This therapy works wonders for treating and healing chronic muscle pain, tendonitis, and arthritis-induced pain and also for injury rehabilitation. The issues it is focused on treating are:

  • Limited movement and lack of mobility in joints and muscles
  • Chronic pain at the slightest movement
  • Spasms or tension in the muscle
  • Injury recovery from sports injuries, falls and so on
  • Injuries stemming from repetitive strain like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Problems with posture
  • Pain due to osteoarthritis

Each massage therapy has a very specific application and each has its own set of benefits. It is always a good idea to visit a reputed spa for an effective Thai massage in Melbourne or deep tissue massage clinic for a consultation on what method would suit your needs the best, so that you make an informed decision.

Understanding What Massage is Best-Suited to You

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A good massage would really be beneficial to your health. It could relax your mind and body. A good massage would not only relax and ease your senses but it would also offer complete rejuvenation. There are numerous massage techniques that are employed for treating different illnesses, injuries, and other issues.

Some of the popular massage types are Swedish Style Massage, Thai Massage, Acupressure, Hot Stone Massage, Orthopaedic Massage, Lomi Lomi and Shiatsu. It may be pretty mind boggling to decide for yourself as to what could be the most effective massage technique to use. Here are a few pertinent questions that you need to ask yourself before you opt for any kind of massage. Ask for an appointment with a reputed clinic for a relaxing Thai massage Melbourne.

What Are Your Objectives?

The biggest mistake most people are used to making is not stating clearly what he or she is actually expecting from the massage sessions. You must communicate clearly with your therapist regarding exactly what kind of results you are expecting. Be precise about the exact reason for getting the perfect service.

The greatest blunder that people tend to make is not communicating properly. You must know your objective. When you are requesting your appointment, you must be clear about what exactly you are looking for or expecting from a massage. Ask yourself whether you are thinking of getting a massage for complete relaxation or reducing undesirable muscle tightness or maybe for achieving drastic relief from chronic pain, or are you interested in getting rid of the uneasiness, pain and discomfort associated with a sports injury.

Your therapist should be informed about precisely what you are anticipating or hoping to get from the massage session. You may seek a massage therapy to ease the nagging pain and tension related to pregnancy. It is essential for you to know exactly why you are opting for a massage therapy. Seek professional Thai massage Melbourne for best results.

You must know your personal preferences. Are you comfortable to interact with a male or a female massage therapist? You must speak out if you wish to focus your attention on any precise area. If you are looking for a fulfilling massage experience, you must speak out whatever is there in your mind.

Some Tricks to Ensure a Wonderful Massage Session

  • Hire the services of a qualified & experienced professional. Do ample research and check out the relevant credentials. While doing a background check, you must see if the masseur has the essential qualifications backed by certifications from accredited institutes and agencies.
  • Be aware of the basics. You must know about the different kinds of massage and you must understand their efficacy.
  • You must clearly let everyone know about what you are seeking from the massage sessions. Your massage therapist should be informed about your personal goals and aspirations. You would have to invest some money and precious time to every massage session so make it a point to get the most out of each experience!

How to Choose Between Deep Tissue Massage & Swedish Massage?

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Massage is the best way of enhancing your overall well-being. You may need massage for relaxation, or reducing muscle tension or for effective pain relief. Massage therapy could prove to be very effective in maintaining health and fitness. So incorporate an effective and suitable massage therapy in your health & fitness plan. There are different types of massage therapies. However, you could broadly divide them into three basic kinds.

Acupressure implies all massages from Asia and they concentrate on pressure points while Swedish massage emphasises on boosting blood circulation and soothing superficial muscles. Deep tissue massage is known to focus on connective tissue. Its primary objective is to bring about changes in posture and movement. A deep tissue massage Melbourne could prove to be very effective.

What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is known to have a precise set of movements including sliding movements, kneading movements, rubbing or friction, percussion, and vibration. It conventionally includes both active and passive joint movements, bending and stretching joints with the help of experienced massage therapist. Some notable offshoots of Swedish massage are manual lymphatic drainage, medical massage, sports massage, chair massage, Esalen massage, pregnancy massage, geriatric massage, massage for children & infants and spa treatments such as body wraps, hydrotherapy, and aromatherapy.

Swedish massage Facts

  • Longer strokes combined with friction and kneading techniques.
  • Could be ranging from light pressure to firm.
  • Promotes relaxation and boosts circulation.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Helps in lengthening superficial muscle tissues and relaxing them.

Opt for Swedish massage if:

  • You are under massive stress at office or home and need to relax. Swedish massage is meant for ultimate relaxation and comfort. It would be effective in relieving stressors impacting you.
  • You are pretty sensitive to intense or deep pressure.
  • You are generally looking for some relaxation.
  • You are hoping to achieve results such as enhanced circulation, pain relief, better mood, improved sleep and sharper thoughts.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage concentrates especially on stretching fascia which is supposed to be a three-dimensional connective tissue web surrounding, supporting, and penetrating all the bones, muscles, organs, and nerves. Deep tissue massage works right down to the deepest layers for modifying posture and bringing about freedom of movement through the release of fascial adhesions, as well as, chronic muscle contracture.  Scar tissue and adhesions form in muscles for many reasons including injury, acute or chronic inflammation, chronic poor posture and even repetitive motions. Deep tissue massage specialists would be using their thumbs, fingers, fists, elbows and forearms for stretching fascia layer and each muscle. Reliable deep tissue massage Melbourne is the most effective way of getting fast pain relief from chronic issues and speeding up recovery time from sports injuries or any other kinds of traumas and injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage Facts

  • Detailed precise work with functional and structural outcomes
  • Is effective through the connective tissues, as well as, to the muscle tissue’s deeper layers.
  • Efficiently breaks up knots, adhesions, and scar tissue.
  • Helps in alleviating chronic pain and speeds up recovery from all sorts of injuries including sports injuries.

Opt for Deep Tissue Massage Only If:

  • You are experiencing lingering and acute pain in a specific muscle group.
  • You are constantly engaged in an intense physical activity. Deep tissue massage Melbourne is best for relieving aches and tension in muscles which could be strained or overworked.
  • You are still suffering from previous injuries. Deep tissue massage is just right for repairing the damage to the muscles and effectively working out any knots and kinks which have resulted due to the injury.
  • You are focussing on a long-term health care program with precise functional outcomes.
  • You are targeting certain tight muscles and expecting to eliminate tension in the deeper layers of the muscle.

Massage therapy could really be very helpful but you must understand how each type of massage therapy works and what could be the ultimate outcomes before you choose a massage therapy for yourself.

Types of Massage Techniques

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There are a number of effective massage techniques and learning about their unique features would help you in choosing the appropriate and most effective massage technique for alleviating your discomfort. In conventional massage, different degrees of pressure and various movements are applied to your body’s soft tissue such as tendons, muscles, fascia, and ligaments. Though today there are several specialised massage techniques in vogue, the deep tissue massage, Thai massage and the Swedish massage are more popular.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is known to use deep finger pressure and slow friction on body areas affected by chronic muscle tension or on specific areas that feel contracted or that ache. This sort of deep tissue massage seems to be pretty effective in alleviating areas of hypertension like sore shoulders or a stiff neck. Deep tissue massage often works really well when combined with the traditional Swedish massage.

Deep tissue massage is known for targeting the connective tissue and the deeper muscle layers. Friction techniques or slower strokes are used by the massage therapist to alleviate the issues. This type of massage is used for chronically painful or tight muscles, postural problems, repetitive strain or recovery from some sort of injury. People are known sometimes to feel sore for a day or two post deep tissue massage. But this could be really effective and relaxing eventually. Try out the most effective deep tissue massage Melbourne and experience the difference.

Swedish Massage Therapy

This is supposed to be the most common kind of massage therapy prevalent in the USA. In this particular kind of massage therapy, massage therapists use kneading, long strokes and even circular movements on the superficial muscle layers using oil or lotion. This massage technique could really be very soothing, relaxing and gentle. This could be a good choice for someone who is trying out a massage technique for the very first time.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is an effective and relaxing massage therapy that uses essential oils for addressing specific issues and needs. The massage therapist could choose oils that are energizing, soothing, relaxing, balancing or stress-reducing. Lavender oil is a hot favourite option and is used quite often in aromatherapy massages. This sort of massage is especially meant for stress related issues or conditions having an emotional component.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is known to align all the energies of your body through gentle pressure on precise points. Thai massage is known to include stretches and compressions. You are not supposed to just lie down and enjoy the massage. Your massage therapist would be moving and stretching you into a particular sequence of postures. Thai massage is supposed to be like yoga without performing any work. This sort of massage is most popular as it is really energising as compared to other forms. Thai massage is effective in improving range of motion and flexibility and reducing stress.

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth and heated stones are strategically placed on specific points on your body for warming and loosening tight muscles and also, for balancing energy centres on your body. The massage therapist often applies slight pressure while holding the stones. The warmth of the stones could be pretty relaxing and comforting. This sort of a massage technique could be really good for individuals who suffer from muscle tension and usually prefer lighter massage.

Ultimate Relaxation with Incredibly Beneficial Thai Massages

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The positive effects after every Thai massage session are said to last for many days. Thai massage is actually an assisted soothing yoga session where an expert masseur goes about manipulating your body and keeps on applying gentle pressure on your muscles. Each Thai massage session typically lasts for one or maybe two hours. Thai massage is highly beneficial. It results in relaxation on a much deeper level.

Your body is completely relaxed and rejuvenated and this, in turn, has a positive impact on your emotional status and personal outlook. Deep relaxation also, triggers highly restorative night’s sleep. You are physically fortified and mentally renewed and refreshed. Thai massage reduces your stress levels and improves your overall blood circulation. Your body flexibility is enhanced and you could easily achieve much better and impressive range of motion. This results in reduced muscle strain and stress that is ultimately responsible for preventing trip and fall mishaps.

Ultimate Mind & Body Relaxation

The slow and truly gentle strokes allow for your mind, body and the spirit to completely slow down and experience an amazing form of relaxation. Stress, tension, and worries would be eliminated. Stress would surely be depleted right from your muscles thus, facilitating a certainly more fluid range of motion and muscular extensions. You would certainly experience a boost in your energy levels. Your blood sugar levels would be lowered and type-2 diabetes could be reversed.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Thai massage improves the working of the circulatory system. It enhances your blood circulation. With enhanced circulation, more oxygen would be supplied to the brain. This would certainly result in reducing the number of headaches and migraine attacks. Moreover, increased circulation would obviously, mean lowering the incidence of arterial blood clotting. Thai massage is also, pretty effective in lymphatic drainage. Regular Thai massages are great for alleviating certain illnesses.

Releases Muscular Tension

After a wonderful session of Thai massage, your muscles would be staying loose for a number of days. For achieving this sort of wonderful outcome, the masseur presses feet, knuckles, hands, fingers and thumbs into certain points while he is all the time holding you in a stretch. This combined endeavour is effective in relieving muscular tension and stress. Techniques involve acupressure, stretching myofascial tissue, manipulation of your soft tissue and compression of tissue.

Boosts Immune System

One of the major benefits of a Thai massage is that it boosts your immune system. The American Massage Therapy Association presents numerous scientific studies that effectively support the claim that Thai massages could boost your immune system. By stimulating the nervous system and also, by releasing the toxins thanks to enhanced circulation, Thai massages help you in increasing your immunity towards various diseases. Thai massage leads to longevity according to some health experts.

Emotional & Mental Benefits

  • Enhances emotional balance
  • Improves creativity & concentration
  • Calms down and clears your mind
  • Assists you in achieving mental clarity
  • Reduces and relieves anxiety and stress

You must try the highly beneficial Thai massage, Melbourne, as it would be giving you ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, boosting your energy and stamina, improving your overall vitality and health. Thai massages are great for inner peace and complete mind-body rejuvenation.

Reasons Why You Should Opt for Full Body Massage

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Everyone enjoys a relaxing massage session. Nowadays full body massage is becoming immensely popular. It not only relaxes you, it certainly energises you. Many of you feel that a thorough full body massage session relieves your tension to a great extent. Massaging your body from head to toe has certain important implications. It is immensely beneficial for your health. You could avail a truly energising full body massage Melbourne to derive the multiple health benefits attached to it. Experts emphasize the importance of full body massage and they believe that regular massage would help to keep your body functioning at optimal levels.

The Key Benefits of Full Body Massaging

Fights Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is supposed to be a chronic condition marked by fatigue, severe muscle pain, and tenderness. Regular Fibromyalgia massage could be truly effective in relieving stress and alleviating muscular pain, spasms, and discomfort. Full body massage is certainly, one of the best complementary treatments.

Eases Surgical Effects

After a surgical procedure, it is important to recover and get back to your normal way of life. Postsurgical rehabilitation is extremely important.  Full body massage plays a pivotal role in helping you get back once again on your feet simply by relaxing the muscles, boosting circulation, enhancing joint mobility, and flexibility. It is helpful in promoting tissue regeneration and reducing post-surgical swelling and adhesions.

Uplifts Your Mood

Full body massage could really help you to relax completely and you seem to feel good even mentally. Massaging with oil gently could help treat depression and anxiety. Full body massage necessarily lowers your body’s cortisol level by almost 53 percent. Cortisol happens to be the stress hormone. Massage definitely boosts feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

Curbs Carpel Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is an extremely complicated condition. If you are suffering from carpel tunnel, that involves your median nerve, which seems to be pinched at your wrist. Some of the symptoms include tingling, burning or even numbness of the palm, middle fingers, and thumb. You may face major problems in gripping small objects or forming a fist. Studies and research reveal that regular massaging helped reduce pain substantially, mitigated symptoms and enhanced grip strength.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Many of you may be suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension that could be culminating in a heart attack or stroke. A study published in Biological Research for Nursing revealed that those who had 10 minute back massage thrice every week were able to lower their blood pressure.

Boosting Flexibility

Massaging from head to toe could be helpful in maintaining flexibility and promoting the range of motion simply by working the connective tissue, the muscles, ligaments and tendons and also, by triggering the production, as well as, retention of lubricants that are supposed to be present naturally between connective tissue fibres.

Relieves Headache

Poor sleep and stress could lead to severe headaches. People who got regular massages could actually get much better sleep and relatively fewer migraines than those who did not get any massage done. Massage therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for headaches.

Incredible Benefits of Oil Massage

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Quintessential massage techniques involve stimulation, rubbing and manipulation of muscles, ligaments, tendons and the skin. Today, massage is no longer regarded only as a luxury at a spa, but is widely recognized as a therapeutic medical process, and widely practiced in hospitals and clinics. There are several benefits of a full-body massage, ranging from the physical aspects- improved circulation, better range of movement etc.; to the psychological- stress relief, better sleep and the like. Accompanied by classical medicine and the science of rejuvenating oils and herbs, a well-executed massage also works wonders for your immune system. Special oils are formulated for this specific purpose.

Relief from Stiffness and Pain

Well-executed full-body massages release endorphins which are pain-relieving hormones. Tired, sore and fatigued muscles can be brought to soften and relax, and joints which have limited mobility or are painful can be improved upon in due time with regular massage. It also has a strong impact on migraine-induced pain, and can be applied to injuries or sores resulting from intense workouts, accidents and old age alike.

Improves Circulation, Detoxes Body

Massage stimulates the overall working of the circulatory system by assisting the transport of nutrients and oxygen to organs and tissues. Hence, it keeps blood pressure in check. These benefits are all great but are not a replacement or an alternative to the health care you have already been receiving, more so if you are suffering from a medical condition. By improving circulation, massage further fuels the elimination of any toxins and wastes from the body. Kidneys and sweat glands work more smoothly, thus allowing much smoother and more effective elimination of toxins.

Boosts Immune System

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals have conceded that a well-executed full-body massage will definitely boost the functionality of your immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system. This keeps you healthy and wards off any infections or diseases.

Benefits to Skin

Facial massages do away with dryness, oiliness, pimples and acne, and also ward of pigmentation, sun damage and early onset of wrinkles so your skin is radiant and smooth. A regular oil massage Melbourne is the most effective way to eliminate stretch marks by producing melatonin and allowing oil to moisturize the layers. Full-body massages drastically remove dead skin cells and improve your skin tone and complexion. You look a lot better thanks to the improved circulation as well. Skin tissue generation can be improved which also has beneficial effects in reducing the appearance of scars.

Stress Mitigation

Any good massage therapy will reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression to a great extent. They release endorphins and serotonin, which go a long way in ensuring mental well-being and peace. Your concentration is improved dramatically, and your energy levels get a much-needed boost as well. Furthermore, by relaxing the mind, body and all muscles, massage allows you to fall into a deeper, much more fulfilling sleep.

Full body oil massages are best for enhancing health, fitness and overall well-being. Oil massages are known for multiple benefits and you could see the benefits coming only after just a few sittings.