How to Give an Effective Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep tissue massage is actually a massage technique which effectively impacts the relatively deeper layers of the muscle tissue. The primary objective of deep tissue massage seems to be restoring a completely balanced upright posture, reducing symptoms of pain, breaking down scar tissue and enhancing the range of motion of an individual. Almost similar to any relaxation massage or Swedish massage, this massage involves firmer and slower strokes. Your massage therapist would be using her thumb, deep finger, knuckles, or elbows for extra pressure which concentrates on specific body areas. If you are based in Melbourne, you could experience a wonderful deep tissue massage session in any reputed Thai spa.

Deep tissue massage is able to relieve the tension found deep within your body’s musculature. It is not possible to give a relaxing deep tissue massage unless you are fully acquainted with the human muscle anatomy. You must have a sound understanding of ways to identify areas which would need more attention. Moreover, you must know exactly how you could successfully exert deep pressure without really causing any pain or discomfort.

When you seem to be suffering from a previous injury or going through a chronic muscle tension, there would be adhesions on, in, as well as, around these muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Adhesions could be resulting in pain due to blockage in the circulation of oxygen, blood and waste products. Deep tissue massage is effective in physically breaking down all these adhesions thus, restoring normal mobility and alleviating the pain.

Deep tissue massage involves a number of massage techniques. Usually, any reliable Thai spa based in Melbourne would be having fully-trained professional deep tissue massage therapists who have attended several hours of training and who keep practicing their techniques every day. Here are a few tips from experts about how to give an effective deep tissue massage.

Step 1

You must, first of all, have a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy. You must especially, learn and get acquainted with the anatomy of the affected muscles. It would be helpful to browse the Internet and look for good pictures of the musculature of the human back. Keep these pictures handy while you are doing the massage on someone. Try matching her muscles with the ones you could see in the picture.

Step 2

Start massaging by using any good massage oil to the affected area. Apply the oil using your forearm that has been positioned cross-wise, run it up and down on the side of your client’s back. Abstain from pushing with your forearm. Simply consider leaning in using your body weight. Allow your forearm to smoothly slide down the client’s back just before sliding it up again. Do not exert pressure on the spine.

Step 3

Now using your thumb or finger tips try looking for individual muscles including the boundaries separating them. Exert focused pressure simply by leaning on your thumbs or fingertips as you go. Try to locate the tense areas or knots where the muscle mobility is restricted.

Step 4

Consider applying some pressure on the tense areas or the knots by leaning on your thumbs or fingertips effectively. You must allow them to sink deeply into the muscle. You must be patient while doing this. Use gentle pressure for achieving greater penetration right into the muscular tissue otherwise; you would end up causing pain.

Step 5

Keep checking with your client from time to time, what feels good to her and also make sure that you are not causing any sort of a pain to her. Constant communication goes a long way in delivering a pleasant massage experience.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to a deep tissue massage clinic in Melbourne for a fulfilling experience.

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