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Effective Deep Tissue Massage Service in Melbourne

Welcome to Arokaya Thai Spa, the most effective and reliable deep tissue massage services based in Melbourne. A deep tissue massage could prove to be of great help for easing chronically tight muscles. We at Arokaya Thai Spa, have well-trained and highly experienced therapists who would be targeting deeper muscles and the connective tissue. Now you could get relief from acute muscle spasms and chronic tension. Our experienced therapist would carefully be using slow and deliberate strokes. The use of these deep pressure strokes on directly your contracted muscles, fascia and tendons could bring the ultimate relief you have been looking for. Before availing our highly relaxing deep tissue massage therapy in Melbourne, here are a few facts about the massage therapy that would help you take the essential decision.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy: What is it?

Deep tissue massage therapy is one of the most effective ways for alleviating pain and injuries. This technique uses a firm pressure that has been designed for releasing tight muscle and tissue layers that generally develop from overuse, injury, and bad posture. By restoration of mobility in your soft tissues, the massage helps to alleviate muscle spasm, pain, and stress from the distressed area. However, you should not assume that a knot could be worked out simply in one session. For chronic knots and built-up tension, deep tissue massage needs to be complemented with appropriate exercises for posture correction, only then, you could enjoy the complete benefit.

As per a study published in the well-known Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, it was observed that there was a drop in the recipient’s blood pressure after just a single session of deep-tissue massage therapy that lasted for about 45 minutes to an hour. Moreover, as per the 2010 meta-analysis published in the famous Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, massage modalities such as deep tissue are effective in reducing stress hormone levels. Your heart rate is reduced and mood is uplifted after a relaxing massage session. This is simply because the massage helps to release serotonin and oxytocin that helps to boost your mood.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits:

We at Arokaya Thai Spa offer the best deep tissue massage therapy in Melbourne. Here are some of the benefits involved.

Deep tissue massage would be:

  • Relaxing stiff muscles for the restoration of pain-free mobility.
  • Reducing chronic pain and muscle tension.
  • Relieving stress.
  • Loosening & easing tight muscles and freeing-up creaky joints.

Conditions Treated by It

Come to Arokaya Thai Spa for the most relaxing deep tissue massage therapy in Melbourne. It is supposed to be really efficient in treating and alleviating chronic issues such as twisted or strained shoulder muscles, stiff neck, and even lower back stiffness. It could be really beneficial in reducing discomfort and pain in conditions like whiplash, an injury or a fall.

What to Expect?

Our highly skilled and fully trained and certified therapists would be using their fingertips, hands, knuckles and even elbows for releasing tension areas. You may be requested to breathe deeply from time to time. The deep breath is essential to cool down your senses and help you relax.

There could be some resulting soreness due to deep tissue massage. This is nothing but the muscles releasing some toxins and stored tension. The soreness should go away within just a few days.

Get in touch with our experienced therapists if you have any issues. We at Arokaya Thai Spa, use deep massage therapy to keep you 100% fit and very much in motion. We would be helping you reach your fitness and health goals. Schedule an appointment with our therapist today. Enjoy the benefits of the best deep tissue massage services in Melbourne.