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Leg Massage

Due to long working hours and desk work now a day, it’s becoming quite common to experience leg pain and leg cramps. If these things are not addressed on time, then they can turn up into major problem. Legstingling, bugs crawling up your legs are some of the common symptoms of legs being too stressed due to long periods of exhaustion.The sad part is that if you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you might need medical attention, however the good news is that there is a simpler way to get rid of these problems. The big question is “How”. The answer to this question is leg massage.

Yes,Leg Massage in Melbourne has relived many clients in the past and is continuing to help many more for those people who are facing the problem of leg pain and stiffness. Other than leg massage, our fully trained technicians also advise the client to practice regular gentle leg exercise along with ways to reduce weight.

How does leg massage help?

Massage is a tradition technique which has been practiced for many years which helps in circulation of blood. Most of the problem related to leg pain is due to poor circulation of blood ,therefore by gently massaging the leg with aromatic oil not only soothes the leg muscles but also promote blood circulation. We at Arokaya Thai Spa in Melbourne specialize in leg massage when our trained therapist provides pressure to the required region so that the blood flows to the congested area thus providing relief. The services are so effective that they are becoming more and more popular in adjoining areas such as Richmond and Hawthorn as well.

How is it done?

Our therapist makes use of variety of techniques which consists of gentle massage as well as use of acupuncture therapy. They are well versed with pressure points which in turn help in relieving stress and pain in legs. The best thing also these practices are that they come with no side effects and make use of all natural ingredients.

Along with providing relaxation to the legs and the leg muscle the leg massage also helps to fight stress. It has been seen that people who suffer from sleep deprivation have also benefited. Since the body is allowed to unwind at night therefore you can start a fresh day.

Following are the benefits of leg massage

  • Circulation of blood
  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage
  • Helps in boosting immune system
  • Increase in concentration levels
  • Stress relief
  • Helps in improving sleep pattern

Our teams of therapist who are always looking forward to welcome clients from Melbourne as well as other areas of South Yarra and Kew are dedicated to provide the most professional services to cater to client’s needs.