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Relaxation Oil Massage

Relaxation oil massage is to clear the mind and soothe the body to gain an experience of absolute peacefulness. Relaxation massage is an oil based massage that is soft, gentle and relaxing. It involves slow hand movements at a medium level of pressure. Relaxation oil massage Melbourne is normally performed on a bench rather than the mat. When the oil massage Melbourne is over people normally feel relaxed and calmed.

The relaxation oil massage Melbourne consists of the therapist applying gentle to medium pressure of the hands to the body, gently manipulating the tissue to promote relaxation. It is not a deep tissue massage. It is not designed for working the deeper muscles of the body, but just a gentle kneading and rubbing of the outer layers of the body tissue. It will cover a wide range of areas on the body including the back, legs, arms and neck.

During the relaxation oil massage Melbourne, the person being massaged can remain quiet and simply explore his or her own personal thoughts or chat with the therapist. The session can be personalized to be exactly the way that you want. Many people live stressful lives without taking any time off just for them. Everyone deserves a well needed moment of relaxation and this massage is just the right technique for that. It will relax your mind and body, giving you a break from the stress of your life.

The length of the oil massage Melbourne will depend on how long you would like it to last. Relaxation oil massage Melbourne is a smooth, gentle style of massage designed to improve circulation, range of movement, relief minor muscle pain, and promote overall relaxation. Make time just for you – isn’t it about time for you to pamper yourself with a relaxation oil massage Melbourne!

What to expect during a Relaxation Oil Massage

During a relaxation oil massage Melbourne you will remove most of your clothing and lie on a warm massage table with a sheet and blanket draped over your body. This oil massage Melbourne takes place in a quiet, comforting environment, with soothing music in the background and candlelight.

Benefits of a Relaxation Oil Massage:

  • Sense of calm
  • Improved mood
  • Stress reduction
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Stimulate lymphatic system


Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes early, as to be able to relax before your relaxation oil massage Melbourne begins.  Perhaps a cup of tea and some slippers may help you to prepare yourself to receive your relaxation oil massage Melbourne.  We recommend at least 1 hour for your relaxation oil massage Melbourne, but 90 minutes is preferred by our therapists to offer you the best experience possible


After the oil massage in Melbourne, your spa therapist may suggest a blend that you can use at home in between oil massage treatments in Melbourne. You can use straight essential oils in diffusers to add aromatherapy scent to the air, or you can bring home a bottle of aromatherapy oil for topical application at home.