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Sports Massage

Sports massage uses the most basic and universally understood method of healing the body - and calming the mind - touch. Sports massage not only relieves pain, it can also improve flexibility, increase mental focus and improve athletic performance.

Typically, during sports massage, muscles are stretched in isolation, one at a time. In Thai Sports Massage several muscles are worked on together simulating real life movements and activities, including movement in several planes – it’s more holistic because it encompasses body and mind.

Whether you're a 'weekend warrior'', golfer, an expectant mom preparing for birth, or just feeling the stress of a full week, our sports massage delivers relief from pain and relaxes the mind.

“Regain Your Freedom of Movement & Youthful Vitality”

  • Live Pain Free
  • Unlock Tight Muscles
  • Increase Flexibility

Thai sports massage provides pain relief for professional & amateur athletes or anyone living with joint, muscle, or tendon pain.

In a typical Thai sports massage session your individual needs will be assessed and the massage will specifically address your particular needs. As you are gently moved into yoga-like stretches, the tight areas will be massaged during the stretch to elongate and release the connective tissue and muscles.

During the sports massage a combination of compression, cross fibre, pressure points, stretching and myo-facial release will be employed to increase your range of motion which, in turn will relieve pain and stiffness. This results in a deep sense of relaxation, calms the nerves and helps restore healthy nerve and muscle function throughout the body.

Hand-held hot packs will be applied to your sore and tight muscles which will greatly assist the process of softening the muscles that are becoming tough as a result of injury or years of tension. The moist, penetrating heat of the hot packs at the end of the sports massage also helps you feel nurtured and deeply relaxed.